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Important Garage Door Questions Answered in Detail

Our FAQ page is designed to be a source of knowledge for everyone who wants to learn more about their automatic garage door. Here you will find not only clear answers but also detailed explanations and helpful advice.

The first sign is a loud bang. The spring itself will most likely be broken in half, which will be easy to spot. Even if you've failed to notice the first two signs, you'll soon discover that your garage door is not opening. Do not try to operate it further. The best thing to do in this situation is to call our professional technicians to get the spring replaced as soon as possible.
Many modern openers have some cool features that relate to remote monitoring and control. You'll be able to check in on your door's condition remotely via the internet or a smartphone app, which means virtually from anywhere in the world. Potentially, you'll also be able to adjust its various settings to get an alert every time someone opens your door. You'll also be able to open and close it using at will.
Figuring out which of these two systems is more beneficial for you can be easy, depending on your preference. While both systems are similar in their method of operation, one using a chain and the other using a belt to achieve the same goal, it’s important to note that the biggest difference between the two is their noise level. Belt drive door openers tend to be much quieter than their chain based counterparts.
First, you need to check and see if there is anything blocking the door's path! If there is, the safety sensors could be preventing your door from closing. If there isn't, maybe your opener's travel limit needs to be adjusted. Contact our experts if you're not sure what's causing the problem.
Yes, they have to be replaced when they get worn out or damaged. The best way to check their condition is to close the garage door fully during the day and turn the light off. If you see any pinpricks of light either under your door or somewhere along its sides, then you have to replace your weatherstripping material.
Opener sensors are some of the most important parts of your system, which is why they must be checked as often as possible. You actually have to make sure they are clean and facing each other correctly since it's the only way for them to detect an obstacle and reverse the movement of your door. We suggest testing their function on a monthly or weekly basis. Call us if you need sensor realignment.
Every garage door opener manufactured after 1993 are obligated by law to have safety reversal mechanism installed. If your opener doesn't have a pair of photo-electric eyes (a.k.a safety sensors) to properly detect an obstacle, then you should consider getting a new one installed in its place.
To put it simply - you don't. Since these are some of the most important parts of your garage door, as well as the most dangerous ones, you'll want to avoid tampering or trying to repair them on your own. This type of work is best left to professionals like our trained technicians.

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